HOAN VU operates the largest and most modern analytical laboratory in Viet Nam: 4 IRMS with 3 Thermo Delta V Plus LC-GC-EA IRMS, LC-HRMS Thermo Q Exactive; 8 LC-MS-MS Thermo TSQ Vantage-Ultra; Agilent 5-GCMS 5973, ThermoTSQ Quantum XLS GC-MS-MS; 3 HPLC Thermo, 3 Waters Acquity UPLC; 2 ICP/MS Perkin Elmer DCR-E

HOAN VU was the first ISOTOPE MASS SPECTROMETRY laboratory in the Pacific Rim

Recognized as the only approved and trusted lab in the Pacific Rim to certify honey and dragon fruit for exports to US & EU.